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Quality, Innovation, Efficacy, and Value: that is what EDT is all about.

We design, develop, and distribute innovative personal dental hygiene products that fulfill these core values.
While we serve both the professional and general consumer markets, we also provide products for those with limited dexterity including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. EDT is also committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and supports multiple charitable and community causes.


The everyday brush for
unsurpassed cleaning and comfort

Buy a Curvex Six-Pack


Unique design, perfectly suited for use with braces, partial dentures and for use by caregivers

Buy a Curvex II Six-Pack


Ultra soft bristles for post surgical-needs and early infant use

Buy a CURVEX 1A Six-Pack


Learn more about the unique design and enhanced functionality of CURVEX toothbrushes.

What People Are Saying ...

“I can categorically state that, having seen the Curvex and Curvex II, these are truly innovative products designed with a total understanding of patient needs, ability and dental anatomy. I predict that they will gain wide acceptance within our profession and materially assist our patients in achieving good oral health.”

Shannon Wong, D.D.S., M.S.

“The Curvex II is brilliant in design and perfectly suited for cleaning the insides of the upper and lower anterior or front teeth. It can also function as an extremely effective tongue brush to help remove halitosis. There is absolutely no doubt these will aid patients in their efforts to adequately maintain an acceptable level of oral hygiene.”

Craig D. Mukai, D.D.S.