EDT History

Dr. Stephen Harada began to develop his innovative line of oral care products in 1996.  At that point, he had been in private practice over 20 years as a general dentist in San Francisco, California. That experience led him to recognize a serious gap in the availability of products that enabled his patients to maintain effective home dental care programs.

After 5 years of research, development, and testing, Dr. Harada had created a range of dental hygiene products that included the Curvex, Curvex II, and the Curvex 1A toothbrushes. He had also acquired the clinical evidence and professional endorsements to prove their quality and efficacy, and had been awarded the U.S. patents that demonstrated their truly innovative designs.

In January, 2000, Dr. Harada founded Ergonomic Dental Technologies, Inc. (EDT) to prepare for the commercial launch of these products. He also began applying for global patents so that EDT would be positioned to meet the oral care needs of people throughout the world.

Today, the Curvexproduct line is available in SuperValu stores nation wide, and consumers may also purchase Curvex, Curvex ll and Curvex lA thru our online store.  For the dental professional market, Curvex toothbrushes may be purchased through Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., a leading national distributor of dental care products.  In the US, practitioners and consumers can also purchase the Curvex, Curvex II, and the Curvex 1A through our online store.

EDT's products are manufactured entirely from raw materials to packaged goods in the U.S. at a facility in Morristown, Tennessee.