"In addition to proper flossing, removing plaque through proper brushing is also crucial. Manual brushing works well if done properly and for this Daugherty likes to recommend the Curvex II toothbrush sold by Patterson Dental Supply.

She said, “The angle of the brush head gets down and on top of the bracket” and that it is “very helpful” in terms of increasing brushing effectiveness. The brush head features a curved shape with tapered bristles and an angled handle to minimize damage to enamel and soft tissue."

Joann Daugherty RHA
Working Around Orthodontics
Dental Products Report
The full article can be found here

“I can categorically state that, having seen the Curvex and Curvex II, these are truly innovative products designed with a total understanding of patient needs, ability and dental anatomy. I predict that they will gain wide acceptance within our profession and materially assist our patients in achieving good oral health.”

Shannon Wong, D.D.S., M.S.
Associate Professor - Department of Endodontics
 University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

In 30 years of private practice and teaching periodontics at UCSF Dental School, the Curvex Toothbrush is the first oral care device that I have actively endorsed.  All our patients are initially given one to try and just about everyone of them very soon ask for another to replace their old brush or even their electric toothbrush.  The effectiveness of a toothbrush in many ways is determined by how motivated the patient is to use it . . . and the bottom line is that folks just love what it feels like to brush with the Curvex." 

Richard Nathan, D.M.D., M.S.
Associate Professor - Division of Periodontology
 University of California, San Francisco, School of Dentistry
Private practice, San Francisco, California

While attending RDH Under One Roof in 2008 I hit my breaks at a booth displaying the most innovative brush I have seen. The Curvex brush, with a unique convex curve was created to access challenging areas of the mouth. As an educator for care providers for older persons, I envisioned the value of the design for use by a caregiver. Too often caregivers use a brush with extended bristles at the tip of the brush. For an aggressive brusher, or a sensitive client, this can be an uncomfortable experience.

By introducing the Curvex and the Curvex II into long-term care, or any care facility, it is my opinion that efforts in oral health maintenance can become more effective and less of a challenge. This was done at the most recent RDHUOR. A project now known as Dental Impact began this year where attendees provided information to local groups with special needs. The Curvex brushes were a hit with all participants. The ultra soft bristles and dense presentation of bristles allows gentle and effective movement around gums and teeth.

With over thirty years of experience in the dental field, I cannot say that we have yet cured oral disease. I can say that innovation and a unique approach to oral care may move us closer to maintenance that is more comfortable. I will always introduce the Curvex and Curvex II to my elder clients, clients with or without dentures, their caregivers, and nursing students.

Janice H. Siegel, RDH, BS
 2895 Randall Blvd
Naples, FL

“The Curvex II is brilliant in design and perfectly suited for cleaning the insides of the upper and lower anterior or front teeth. It can also function as an extremely effective tongue brush to help remove halitosis. There is absolutely no doubt these will aid patients in their efforts to adequately maintain an acceptable level of oral hygiene.”

Craig D. Mukai, D.D.S.
Private practice, Periodontics
 San Francisco, California

“I have always kept a lookout for an improvement in the current line of oral hygiene devices that would better enable the orthodontic patient to clean more effectively. Basically, all current toothbrushes are the same design, with a straight handle, straight head and 90-degree bristle array, with the only improvement being designer “bells & whistles” and corresponding higher costs. There are several areas of the mouth that the current line of oral hygiene devices cannot easily access and clean, and this problem is magnified several-fold in patients wearing braces, or bridgework. When the Curvex and Curvex II were brought to my attention, I was speechless. Any dentist should immediately recognize that these radically improved designs will revolutionize the oral hygiene industry. What is particularly stunning to me is that these products are ingenious not only in their form and function but in their simplicity and ease of use. I would recommend them to everyone for everyday use.”

Christopher Lines, D.D.S., M.S.
 Line Orofacial Specialists, PLC

“I believe the novel handle design and radial bristle array of Dr. Stephen Harada’s innovative Curvex II can be a substantial contribution to the health care of the smallest children, including those with handicaps and special needs.”

Lionel Traubman, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
 Private practice, San Francisco, California

“I have tried every trick in the book, including Sonicare®, to rid myself of the mandibular anterior lingual calculus. Only the Curvex II was able to accomplish this. Also the Curvex toothbrush is uniquely contoured to get the best angle for molar sulcular cleansing. It reaches comfortably further back than any other toothbrush that I’ve ever tried.”

Jon Opper, D.D.S.
 Private practice, San Francisco, California

“I especially like its soft bristles. The new design with angled handle and brush head tapered on both ends helps to reach the lingual sides of the teeth, especially the anterior teeth, more effectively. The Curvex is great to reach the distal aspects of the third molars. It is also effective for cleaning a big gap created by a missing tooth.”

Kim Tran, R.D.H.
Private practice, San Francisco, California

“I have used and am very impressed with the design and function of the Curvex and Curvex II. The innovative curvature of the Curvex allows one to access even deep cingulums of anteriors and the linguals of those often missed molars. The Curvex II is great for those crowded and long anteriors. I feel certain that patients can easily improve their oral hygiene with these toothbrushes, making my job and their appointments much easier.”

Susan Urell, R.D.H.
Private practice, San Francisco, California