The Curvex Toothbrush


The everyday brush for
unsurpassed cleaning and comfort

Buy a Curvex Six-Pack

EDT's patented Curvex toothbrush is based on proprietary design technology that keeps a maximum number of its mid-brush bristle tips -- those that do most of the cleaning and plaque removal during brushing -- in constant contact with the teeth and gums. This ensures a comprehensive and thorough cleaning experience and, because it is a soft-bristle brush, minimal risk of enamel abrasion and soft tissue damage. In combination with regular professional care, Curvex enables optimal dental health.

Dental offices should direct orders to their local Patterson Dental Supply Sales Representative or call
800-873-7683 for special promotions and pricing.

US and state institutions, schools, and hospitals should contact EDT directly for special discounted pricing beyond that given to the dental profession.

Key features:

  • Extra soft bristles to minimize damage to enamel and soft tissue
  • Tapered bristle array designed to keep in contact with teeth
  • Convex head curves away from the palate to prevent gagging and allows a further reach to the back molars
  • Six-Pack contains a random color selection including one or more: aqua blue,  powdered pink, lime green, and harvest gold.
  • For consumers, special introductory pricing: Buy five and get the sixth Curvex free.  
    At $3.25 each, purchase a Curvex six-pack for $16.25

Buy a Curvex Six-Pack