The Curvex II Toothbrush


Unique design, perfectly suited for use with braces, partial dentures and for use by caregivers

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The Curvex ll is designed as a multi function toothbrushto be held by the fingers either vertically or horizontally. It is particularly effective for cleaning the linguals of upper and lower anterior teeth.Among its many uses are cleaning lingul arch wires, cleaning teeth in partially edentulous areas either left empty or replaced with partial dentures, and as a brush for care givers. The Curvex II is designed to help mothers brush the teeth of children or for aides to brush the teeth of handicapped or impaired adults. This brush allows the care giver to use a vertical hold with fingers and arm movement which is considerably easier than a conventional wrist movement. It also allows a "stand off" capability in that the care giver may position him or herself more advantageously for cleaning another's teeth, especially if they are ambulatory.

It is also very effective for cleaning implants following the healing cap stage.

Dental offices should direct orders to their local Patterson Dental Supply Sales Representative or call 800-873-7683 for special promotions and pricing.

US and state institutions, schools, and hospitals should contact EDT directly for special discounted pricing beyond that given to the dental profession.

Key features:

  • Extra soft, tapered bristle array to minimize damage to enamel and soft tissue
  • T-shaped handle designed to be held like a cotton swab with fingers
  • Excellent for cleaning around crowded or malposed teeth.
  • Allows easy brushing of the sides of teeth bordering partially edentulous areas
  • Enables arthritic patients to brush with fingers versus wrist movements
  • Ideal to effectively clean orthodontic braces
  • Six-Pack contains a random color selection including one or more: aqua blue, powdered pink, lime green, and harvest gold
  • For consumers, special introductory pricing: Buy five and get the sixth Curvex II free.
    At $3.25 each, purchase a Curvex II six-pack for $16.25

Buy a Curvex II Six-Pack

“I can categorically state that, having seen the Curvex and Curvex II, these are truly innovative products designed with a total understanding of patient needs, ability and dental anatomy. I predict that they will gain wide acceptance within our profession and materially assist our patients in achieving good oral health.”