The Curvex 1A Toothbrush – Infant, Surgical, or Implant


Ultra soft bristles for post surgical-needs and early infant use

Buy a CURVEX 1A Six-Pack

The Curvex lA utilizes Ultra Soft bristles and is designed for early infant use by the mother or care giver. Like the Curvex ll it allows either a vertical or horizontal hold when held by the finger tips. One may safely hold the child with one hand and arm and completely and safely remove all debris from the roof of the mouth, gum ridges, inside the cheeks the tongue. This allows full cleansing even while the child is teething.

The Curvex lA is also designed as the most effective implant brush or for any type of dental oral surgery. Utilizing the finger hold, it allows the user to clean with the bristles gently flowing over sutures and surgical sites. This enhances oral hygiene when needed the most. In addition for the application of medicaments it allows a single tooth application rather than having to rinse the entire mouth.

Dental offices should direct orders to their local Patterson Dental Supply Sales Representative or call 800-873-7683 for special promotions and pricing.

Key features:

  • Ultra soft .004 inch bristles -- gentle to delicate gums, yet an effective cleaning brush
  • Vertical grip allows patient direct point of access to clean the surgical site -- much like positioning a cotton swab
  • Designed for the bristles to flow over sutures, rather than against, as experienced using a standard configured toothbrush
  • Easier access to surgical areas between or behind natural dentition when compared with a standard configured toothbrush. Allows surgery site oral hygiene, while cleaning the proximal surfaces of the natural teeth
  • Effective and comfortable to use to clean the tongue and palate as needed
  • Ideal for implant maintenance
  • Following complete healing and final restoration placement, Curvex lA may be used for oral hygiene needs
  • Six-Pack contains the lime green colored Curvex 1A toothbrushes
  • For consumers, special introductory pricing: Buy five and get the sixth Curvex IA free.
    At $3.65 each, purchase a Curvex II six-pack for $18.25. Each Curvex 1A toothbrush is shipped in a cellophane wrapper.

Buy a CURVEX 1A Six-Pack